III – The Mystery of Our Mission in the World

III. The Mystery of Our Mission in the World

Christians cannot yearn for anything more ardently than to serve the modern world ever generously and effectively.

Revolutionary changes in every sector of society are affecting the life and role of Benedictine women today. New knowledge in many areas obliges us to question, then reaffirm or modify traditional values. Although much of the new is enriching – such as global consciousness and our recognition of the need for liberation of minorities – there is much that is appalling.

The world enshrines acquisition of power, possessions, and prestige in place of the authentically human and Christian. As a result of social and psychological slavery, many people succumb to despair, self-destruction, or distorted attempts to find happiness. Disregard and denial of the spiritual are prevalent.

Subject to these forces in our society and limited by them, we are called to love and serve others, especially the weak and troubled. Our Benedictine way of life clearly affirms their dignity and destiny and that of every human being in Jesus the incarnate God.

Our mission in the world is a call to contemplate and bear witness to the power of the resurrection in our lives and in the lives of others. By prayer, work, and community living, we seek to impart our vision of hope for justice and peace that in all things God may be glorified.